An application for approval of the Aged Care Plus Enterprise Agreement 2015 is before Fair Work Commissioner Cambridge in Sydney.

St Vincent De Paul Society (NSW) is facing an s.394 (application for unfair dismissal remedy) from an ex-employee (Leang).

The Fair Work Commission sued Thomson, seeking penalties and for compensation for the HSU, for transactions charged to the union in 2003-07. Justice Christopher Jessup found Thomson improperly used HSU money for his own benefit while secretary. Thomson did not defend himself against the workplace relations tribunal’s claim. In March, he left the court and did not return after Justice Jessup dismissed his application to have the matter thrown out on the grounds he was mentally unfit. The Federal Court judge found spending on escorts in April-June 2005 and September 2006 breached the Workplace Relations Act. Thomson instructed staff to record some of it as “meeting expenses”. The judge said Thomson’s use of a union employee for his 2007 election campaign was “the clearest of improprieties”, as was his use of a union credit card on campaign expenses. The judge will consider penalties on November 9.

Anglican Retirement Villages is garnering legal resources to repel an s.273 (application to deal with other contravention disputes) from an ex-employee (Cheney).

Aged Care supplier Karndean International Pty Ltd has made an s.222 (application for approval of a termination of an enterprise agreement) to the Fair Work Commission.

Wimmera Health Care Group is facing an s.739 (application to deal with a dispute) from the ANF.

Aged Care Services Australia Group Pty Ltd is defending an s.394 (application for unfair dismissal remedy) from an ex-employee (Raya).

The child sex abuse royal commission has revealed it has received over 590 allegations of sexual assault involving Salvation Army institutions.