An application for approval of the Royal Rehab Lifestyle Support Agreement 2015 is under review via Fair Work Deputy President Booth in Sydney.

Churches of Christ in Queensland is being harried by a s.739 (Application to deal with a dispute) launched by an ex-employee (Hodder).

Bupa Australia is still to shake off the s.394 (Application for unfair dismissal remedy) launched by an ex-employee (Ross). This is its second listing day and is costing Bupa an out-of-proportion percentage of its annual legal budget.

Police have launched a criminal investigation into the alleged abuse of people with autism at one of Australia’s leading disability services. Allegations of criminal acts perpetrated against Autism Australia (Aspect) clients, most of whom cannot talk, were this week referred to Victoria Police.

A former Geelong nurse who was found guilty of downloading more than 1000 graphic images of child pornography is free to return to work as a nurse. A tribunal found that former care nurse Peter Omant – whose porn collection featured children as young as three – could have his nursing ban revoked after almost five years as it was a “sufficient period to protect the public”.

An application for approval of the Beaumont Care – Nurses Enterprise Agreement 2015 is to be heard by Fair Work Commissioner Simpson in Brisbane.

Bupa Australia has been landed with a s.394 (application for unfair dismissal remedy) claim from an ex-employee (Ross).

An application for approval of the Opal Aged Care (Victoria) Enterprise Agreement 2015 is being considered by Fair Work Commissioner Cribb in Melbourne.