The Mercy Community Services Inc Aged Care Services Enterprise Agreement 2015 has been signed off by Fair Work Commisioner Roe in Melbourne.

James Handscomb made an application for a remedy for unfair dismissal under section 394 of the Fair Work Act 2009 against NSW Health T/A Broken Hill Hospital (Far West Region), but Fair work has now ruled that Handscomb did not complete the required minimum employment period and his application had no reasonable prospects of success.

The Southern Cross Care (WA) Inc Home Care and Respite Services Bargaining Agreement 2015 now has the stamped imprimatur of Fair Work Commissioner Lee.

The Catholic Homes Incorporated Enterprise Agreement 2014 has been approved by Fair Work Commission Deputy President Kovacic in Canberra.

Miss Chloe Carruthers made an application for remedy for unfair dismissal under section 394 of the Fair Work Act 2009. Correspondence was sent to Miss Carruthers advising her that her application was unpaid, undated and unsigned. Miss Carruthers was advised that if she intended to proceed with the claim, the necessary documentation should be forwarded to the Fair Work Commission. In the absence of any advice within 14 days, Ms Carruthers was advised her application may be dismissed. She did nothing and Hunter New England Health, trading as Belmont Hospital, is off the hook.

Ann Robertson has failed to convince the Fair Work Commission (FWC) that she be allowed to appeal an earlier FWC decision which gave Peninsula Health t/a Frankston Hospital the benefit of any doubt. Mrs Robertson was refused an extension of time to pursue the claim.

The inquest into the bashing death of an aged care resident in his bed is continuing. Jindalee staff say they were too busy during their morning rush to check on the wellbeing of a resident, who was later found dead, following a fight between two others in the same room. The way that Jindalee responded to the death has come under scrutiny in the ACT Coroner’s Court.

The Grafton Aged Care Home, NSWNMA, ANMF NSW Branch & HSU NSW Enterprise Agreement 2015 has been approved by Fair Work Deputy President Booth in Sydney.